A modern day explorer, guide, and conservationist, Wayne Sawchuk unveils wonders and mysteries gathered over a quarter century of travel deep into the largest wilderness remaining in the Rocky Mountains.

With force and clarity, Wayne illuminates the value of our great wild places, and of human persistence in the face of adversity. His illustrations of seldom documented animal interactions startle and inspire, under- scoring the need to protect our heritage, for ourselves, and for the wild animals who cannot speak for themselves. Wayne's presentations also remind us of the importance of vision and persistence in mastering life's challenges.
Each of Wayne's compelling presentations is supported by a slideshow of his award-winning photographs. Wayne will custom design your presentation to meet the needs and interests of your audience.

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Cathy Hirst
Speakers' Spotlight

... a charismatic speaker... a compelling slide show...
National Geographic Magazine, Nov 2008
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