It was the culmination of a decade of effort and argument and determined goodwill, for the plan marked an im- portant threshold of consensus. Re- source industries, First Nations, con- servationists, hunters, scientists and government at several levels all agreed upon a new model for environmental governance.

- Steven Hume. The Vancouver Sun, Saturday, May 1, 2004 Edition: C5.
Land use issues in northeast BC were heating up in the early 1990s. Interest in oil, gas, timber and mineral re- sources was building rapidly, and recreational use was increasing. I began to feel that the threats to the wilderness shown on the Inventory of Undeveloped Watersheds maps could no longer be ignored. I began to pull together like-minded northerners: First Nations, guides, hunters, trappers, naturalists and conserv- ationists.

- Wayne Sawchuk (2004). Muskwa- Kechika: The wild heart of Canada's Northern Rockies
Wayne Sawchuk is pleased to offer consultation services in mediation, land use planning and project assessment support.

A seasoned northerner with a history in logging, hunting, trapping, guiding and conservation, Wayne understands the complex issues that face diverse interest groups and the ecosystems that upon which they depend. More than that, he knows how to negotiate with government, industry, scientists, First Nations, conservationists and other groups to build land use models that work for all concerned - including the environment.

So you have a need that Wayne may be able to fill? To find out, please contact him.

... a charismatic speaker... a compelling slide show...
National Geographic Magazine, Nov 2008
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