Ryan Dickie, Indigenous wilderness photographer from Fort Nelson:
"I was first drawn to Wayne Sawchuk through the captivating imagery he captured over the many years he spent getting to know and understand the Muskwa-Kechika. After spending time with him..."

Tania Millen, author of Pack'em Up, Ride'em Out: Classic Horse Pack Trips in BC and Alberta:
"Wayne Sawchuk's unique memoir is a riveting testament to the evolution of a wilderness ethic. Written with a distinctive voice, Sawchuk shares intricate tales of the journey across his own..."

John Vaillant, award winning author of The Golden Spruce, The Tiger, and Jaguar's Children:
"The people, places and animals in this memoir of life, death, and transformation in the wilderness of northern BC sound as if they're from another century. And another country: the Northern..."

Harvey Locke, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative:
"Wayne Sawchuk underwent an unusual passage from the rugged life of clearcutting old growth forests and razing towns to make way for massive hydro dams to the reflective life of a wilderness wanderer and conservation..."
CROSSING THE DIVIDE: Discovering a Wilderness Ethic in Canada's Northern Rockies
In Crossing The Divide, Wayne Sawchuk takes us from his early days as a logger and trapper to his role in creating the largest protected wilderness area in the Rocky Mountains. Sawchuk grew up near Chetwynd in the province's northeast, working with his father in resource industries. Then in 1985, he helped his uncle build a trapper's cabin at Mayfield Lake in the Northern Rockies and eventually bought the trapline. Through the 1990s he began taking extended horse packing trips into the area while helping shape the future of the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area, 6.5 million hectares of land where intact ecosystems co-exist with carefully regulated resource extraction.

"It is," says Sawchuk, "an incredible experiment where we can maintain a sustainable economy and keep the wild heart of Canada's Northern Rockies beating strong forever."

· 208 pages
· maps, 60+ black and white photographs, and a 16-page photographic colour insert
· Publication date: July 2020
· Publisher: Creekstone Press
· ISBN: 978-1-928195-06-1
· $21.95 retail

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National Geographic Magazine, Nov 2008
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